Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 41 100 Freedom Breaths

Sprung Loose

Joy, sprung loose from her cage now she frolics around
She’ll discover a feather and tickle the ground
She tastes luxurious honey that drips from her tongue
She encourages, jibes and entices everyone
To drink of the goodness within each tantalising drop
She will whirl and spill-out for the whole world to feel
Of the glories of childlike behaviour surreal
She dances because of the smell of a flower
She prances a top of the tall green tree tower
Within water she splashes and dashes around
Little whirlpools of splendour and ripples abound
She will lightly caress the yellow gold sun
As she magnetises each being to come have more fun
She will roll in the mud with glee on her face
Releasing and popping up fairies all over the place
She will splash as the rain pours down from the sky
Delighting in each drop of as the wind whips by
She will roll on the mountains and sing to the moon
She draws creatures within echo of her fun sonic boom
She rides rainbows and storm clouds as though one’n the same
Earthquakes and tidal waves cheer as they join in the game
The taste of red cherry will colour her lips
All music happy or sad songs will flow from her hips
She’s completely aware that the truth will never hide
Story will shatter to reveal diamonds within to guide
She will cause sorrow to giggle and play a new tune
Grief, resentment and jealousy will leave the room
For Joy’s heartfelt existence is to discover within
Each moment past, present, future true love win.

(c) 2012 Karyn Janelle Davis

Day 40 100 Freedom Breaths

As I continue the inner exploration there is a lot of learning taking place.  It seems the deeper I go the simpler things are.  Funny that being that the move through complexity reveals simplicity.  Below is a poem that I wrote the other day...

“Dark Shadows Pure Gems”

Was now many years gone by, upon the kitchen floor curled I would cry
Children asleep, stories been read, my hand wiped gently forehead
The cold floor, earth need, for from my house I could not speed
Stuck in a hole of misery, I limped through life deliriously
They could have been days where only children song delight
But know – I had created my own plight
The gift was given of dark void within to spin
For at the time I never knew the beauty of sorrow found within
It seemed an endless pit of blackness, broken dishes, money matters
I couldn’t have know the riches I would find until heart ache shatters
Within the pieces, all strewn around were delicate wealth
I tried, I cried, I stood, I fell, I held my focus to grow children health
The songs we sung open in joy during the day
Where weeping and misery when in bed I lay
Then all at once, I realise - it’s open heart wonder and faith blues skies
When breathing within I could feel alive, and know the soul never dies
Then within small things I began to find gratitude love and heart of mankind
My daily steps more purposeful then, it’s moment delight instead of a grind
Those days now I love, within my soul knows,
Without deep dark shadows, I never could grow,
I needed to feel to know this depth true for this is the potential of me and you
To create something from the broken of heart is to echo a light into the dark
This song is a joyful and beautiful one for I discovered the essence and spark
So now when its dark and cold anywhere – I know that its diamonds, gold, gems, earth rare
These gifts are a mystery how they are found, yet life is a miracle discover in prayer.
Faith and trust remarkable songs as the message of love expresses, pure heart gongs

(c) 2012 Karyn Janelle Davis

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 39 100 Freedom Breaths

"Celestial intervention"

As I awaken to the light of intention
A subtle shift that magnifies my attention
The release of free flow expression
Pours in streams from my soul
A readiness to be a vessel that overflows
Saturating myself in Surrender
Discovering the exquisite yet delicate touch of connection
Electrifies within me an awareness beyond myself

The deep dark shadows and valleys I have walked through
Have strengthen me beyond what I could have imagined
The whisperings of horror....that echoed have transformed into a quite breeze that teaches me
The meanderings and wanderings within the unknown have revealed patience and curiosity
The dragons and demons that once threatened me - I have now met and made peace with.
The separation I deluded myself about I can now see through the illusion

Now the time and space is right
Exposure is now my freedom
I will No longer hiding under clothes of pretence
It is imminent
I accept the awaiting presence
Truth will speak through these hands

I must before others declare this. 

Thank you ♥♥♥

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 38 100 Freedom Breaths


The Naming of Papakan'je has occurred - A calling of the homeland by the sea to the mountains across the world.

In'tha Next Season...
13 Moons Beyond...


"... Dreamed This Dream... Papakan'je Must Honour..."

Three Days...
13 Moons Beyond...
When'tha Monarch's Rise...

"... There Will Be... 3 Days... Sunshine..."

Only 3...
In This 13th Moon...

You Must Find'tha...
"... Place Of'yer Comfort.."

And, Wait... Unclothed... Within'yer Peace...

Each Of These Days...

One Papakan'je Will Lie Upon'yer Prone Skin...

One Will Lie...
On'tha Thin Muscle...
At'yer Left Side Knee...

"... You Will... See This... And, Know..."

The Next Two...

Perhaps On Head...
Perhaps On Shoulder...
Perhaps On Ankle...

You Must Tell Agawatessengawi'is... Then... Where...

And, This Will Be... Your Path...


Next Year...
You Must, As You Will, Shelter Your Garden...

But, You Must Also Plant An 'Unprotected Garden'...

For These Papakan'wi'is...
To Bring...
To You...
This Blessenin'...

You Await...

This Is All I Need'be Sayin'...


Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 37 100 Freedom Breaths

Moments pass if they are not experienced.

A vast many moments have past since my last blog.    Yet growth has continued.  I have faced many internal dragons, and can smile and say that each breath and each moment has been worth it.

I have learnt that these 100 are more powerful because of the intent to do them than even the idea or experience itself.

The layer upon layer of meaning that I apply in life remains until I realise its simply a meaning I have made.  Not the first time I have remembered this nor the last I can imagine.

As I have been peeling layer upon layer of stories away from my life.  I have been incredibly shocked by how simple and easy life has become.  In a flow of living the joy of living is showing up in my life.

I had a story so deeply told that I believed it even myself!   Its changed!  I giggle a wee bit realising it no longer served me.  And instantly it feel away.

I return to my 100 Breaths again to continue this 100 day blog.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day 36 100 Freedom Breaths

A Moment Erupts

Yes - a weak moment, a day without completing my 100 Freedom Breaths.  A moment where I was caught up in delivering in life and didn't take time out!

All is well.  What an experience.  What a joy to sit here and know that while I was completely enraptured by an event and experiences, that my awareness was high and my joy overflowed even while things were difficult.

Yay for development.
Yay for knowing how to be present
Yay for the power of breathing.
Yay for life blood powering through
Yay for experience and joy
Yay for what is

Joy Your Ride

Are You Ready to commit to your own Transformation?

Its easy - Breath
Its Free- Its Air
Its Fun - Be creative
Its Life - Now just deliberate